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Forfeiture of Lease Indemnity Policy


Sometimes a ‘chain’ of leases exists and Forfeiture of Lease in respect of a sub-lessee can arise because of something that a lessee further up the chain does, or fails to do. In some cases this can give rise to the forfeiture of all of the leasehold interests.

In what circumstances is the product needed?

Where there is a danger that a lessees tenure may be lost as a result of the activities of a superior lessee resulting in the superior/head lease being forfeited.

Product features:

Risk cover: losses resulting from the loss of the leasehold interest or any amount paid with the agreement of insurers to secure the on-going lease, costs and expenses.

Information needed:

  • Property address
  • Property value (or developed value in the event that development is to take place)
  • Use of the Property – both current and intended (if a change of use or development is intended)
  • Office Copy entries and filed plan
  • Copy of the sub-lease
  • Copy of the superior/head lease(s)
  • Details of any known issues


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