Wills & Probate Insurance

Wills & Probate Insurance (also known as Estate Administration Insurance)

When an individual dies someone has responsibility for the administration and Distribution of their Estate.  In the event that the deceased left a will (a ‘testate’ estate), the document will appoint executors.  In the event that there is no will (intestacy), an administrator will be appointed.

In either case, the responsibilities are onerous and a number of problems can arise from an inability to trace beneficiaries to a will being discovered after distribution.

Estate Insurances

LawSure provides a comprehensive range of estate administration and estate distribution insurances to support the distribution of the deceased’s estate.

In all cases, we act as an independent broker with access to the broadest range of insures. We contact multiple insurers and obtain competitive terms for each case, in turn saving you the substantial work and cost involved in contacting multiple providers yourself. This

  • Provides your clients with solutions,
  • If you are a solicitor, satisfies the SRA requirements relating to client choice and the requirements of the Insurance Distribution Directive, and
  • Identifies the best terms for the case (this can often be a combination of wordings, insurer assumptions, financial security etc. as well as price).

The estate insurances that we provide to support Estate administration and distribution range from Missing Beneficiary insurance to Unoccupied Property Insurance and Missing Will to comprehensive Executor and Beneficiary protection.  

What Next?

Click on the products below for further information. We can also tailor a wide range of bespoke covers to support estate distribution so, if you do not see anything on the list that seems to meet your client’s requirements, that does not mean that cover is unavailable.

If you’re not sure that the situation you have is covered or want to discuss an enquiry with us please contact us on 0345 557 0845 or 01293 880700 and one of our specialists will be pleased to help.