Our team

Brian Hall

Co-Owner and Managing Director

Throughout my 45 years’ experience in insurance, it’s been quite the journey. A journey that’s taken me from washing managers’ cars as a trainee to being Director and Co-owner of Lawsure, a market leader that’s grown ten times over the last five years.

In tandem with my early training I studied for the industry qualifications I became a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (FCII).

I have handled claims, sold insurance, underwritten all sorts of insurances, and managed multi-billion pound transactions. I have been director at life insurance companies, investment companies, trustee operations and more.

In this time I’ve learned that despite the bad press that insurance sometimes gets, it’s really all about protecting people.

When we created LawSure, the goal was to establish a business that did things right. We focused on treating people correctly. We wanted to look back and see a company that the team had loved working at.

What we do in LawSure enables and protects some of the biggest transactions that people will undertake.

My greatest pride is in giving the opportunity and the support that I enjoyed over the years to an incredible, young team who continue, in turn, to inspire me.

Outside of work, I enjoy walking a lot and visiting new places with my family. I am also a complete anorak about cars. Since passing my test five days after my seventeenth birthday, I have driven well over a million miles in a wonderfully eclectic range of vehicles. Feel free to ask me about my favourites.

Mandy Brown

Co-Owner and Director of Business Development & Marketing

I’m Mandy, Director and Co-owner of LawSure. I’m passionate about making life as easy as possible for our clients at LawSure Insurance.

When Brian and I created the company, we wanted to build a business that we would want to work for. That principle has guided us throughout our LawSure journey to date, and I believe it’s been one of the keys to our success and remarkable growth.

At the start, before we had our excellent track record as a company, all we had was our reputation. Brian’s reputation was in Insurance. Mine was in my years of experience with management and marketing and strategic consulting, with a track record of successfully implementing major projects and programmes.

My role as Director at LawSure includes marketing, business development, HR… pretty much everything that isn’t broking and compliance!

A lot of my earlier experience was in managing the ‘customer experience’. I’ve worked for RSA and programme managed the launch of MORE TH>N. I’ve designed customer contact centres, segmented markets and determined customer groupings. I’ve done R&D on new products, formulated media strategies and overseen their implementation.

I love offering opportunities to talented people and watching them grow. Our team of highly qualified and experienced brokers deals daily with bespoke and complex risks, finding solutions quickly to ensure that the transaction isn’t delayed. It’s like having an extended family. In fact, the most rewarding aspect about my work at LawSure is watching the team grow in their confidence and ability.

I hold an MBA, a BA in Marketing with French and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I’m currently studying Spanish at a high level, and I love landscape painting (Bob Ross style), playing golf and going to the gym.

Dan Brown

Head of Broking

I’m Dan, Head of Broking at LawSure.

I’ve been at the company since 2013 and have loved watching both the team and company grow. Especially since what we thrive off is helping people to purchase their dream homes.

I specialise in making traditionally uninsurable risks insurable. In fact, I hate the word “uninsurable”. I love to work through projects like this by recommending specific ways to alter policies and include certain stipulations to make the insurance viable for both our client and the insurer.

My background is in sales, but I prefer the depth of relationships in my role here at LawSure. Communication is the key. I make sure that I and the whole team understand the needs of each client thoroughly. Only then are we able to go about delivering the best possible solution for their needs and deliver on time.

I have recently been involved in putting together strategic scheme business on both the title and probate side for the slightly more unusual circumstances. I help lawyers and lenders streamline their process and make sure that the cover is tailored to their business model.

I am a big fan of “whodunit” series, films and books. Although I actually rarely guess who did it correctly, it keeps me on my toes and gripped to the end. I also love football. I used to play at a high level. In fact, I was lucky enough to travel all around Europe playing for my county.

When not at work or on the football pitch, I love to get my people-reading skills on at the poker table. I try to live by the words of St. Jerome, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”

I was awarded my Certificate at the Chartered Insurance Institute soon after joining LawSure, and am currently working to obtain a Diploma at the CII.

Will Gray


I’m Will, a legal insurance broker with a passion for running and sports events like football, rugby, NFL and boxing.

I love doing my absolute best for clients. I get involved with the majority of the risks we deal with. But I also deal with other aspects of the business including financial reporting to insurers.

I have a background in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter, and enjoy understanding how things fundamentally work and are put together. To that end, I tend to focus on analysing our internal processes for how we can continue to systematically get the best results possible.

Lawsure has an excellent positive collaborative atmosphere that makes doing my job a genuine pleasure. The team is always focused on working together to focus our resources on the most important thing: helping our clients to get results.

My favourite kind of experience working at Lawsure is when a client tells me that we’ve helped someone to be able to buy their first or dream home!

I’m a big fan of Peep Show, Friday Night Dinner, and great one-liners (like Milton Jones’). Fun fact: I share Jimi Hendrix’s middle name (Marshall) as my dad is a huge fan!

Feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn asking about Title and Executor risks for you or your clients, and how that can help enable transactions or administration of estates.

Josh Laker


Hi I’m Josh and in my three years at Lawsure, I love that no two days have ever been the same.

After studying Geography at the University of Brighton I then went on to working in sales at BMW and working for the National Trust.

But I really found my stride at LawSure. I love the challenges and the variety and, perhaps most of all, the team. I’ve been heavily involved in improving our internal case management system to make all our lives easier. It’s helped maintain our impeccable standards as we’ve grown, and helps us stay on top of insurer pricing and wording.

I think the key to delivering as a good broker is putting in the time to fully understand the risk. Once you have this understanding for yourself, you can communicate clearly with clients and go about putting their needs first when talking to insurers. You can put together a tailored solution that is appropriate for the individual and every party concerned.

In order to pull off this level of bespoke problem solving, the team is everything. I think coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

This philosophy is also true with football and cricket, my big passions in life (I’m a Chelsea fan). I think the reliance on the team in these sports really resonates with me.

There’s no feeling quite like when we pool our collective experiences and resources to help someone get a house purchase over the line when they were struggling.

Keith Ross

Consultant Broker - Scotland

I’m Keith, Lawsure’s secret weapon when it comes to dealing with Scottish law and cover for development sites.

I’ve been at Lawsure for around 3 years and love the friendly and approachable atmosphere. That’s also what clients as service providers seem to love about us!

Before joining the team at Lawsure I worked as a broker for over a decade at Assured Indemnities. In my time in the industry, I learned that the thing that sets an excellent broker aside from an average broker is attention to detail. That’s because when dealing with insurance, what we’re actually dealing with is the security of people’s lives and businesses.

A good broker will not take that responsibility lightly.

My very favourite part of the job is when I receive sincere thanks for my efforts from a Solicitor.

In my spare time I love playing golf and pool. In another life I had a career with various Pipe Bands, where we had trips all over Europe and toured Canada twice. Feel free to ask me about it on LinkedIn.


Michael Belton


I joined the team in February 2020, and love working with and learning from the LawSure family. The wealth of knowledge in the company is second to none. Just as important, everyone on every level is friendly and approachable.

I am currently in training to become a key part of the team. So far, I am confident in my ability to handle any needs involving Restrictive Covenants, Planning and Building Regulations, Rent Charges, and other title defects. I make sure to deal with each enquiry we receive with care, and assign them an appropriate level of urgency. It is extremely important that we deliver results to a time scale that works for each client.

My degree in economics taught me the importance of attention to detail, something Dan ensures me is vital for an excellent broker. I am particularly proud of a recent project working with my director to provide Bonds of Caution to clients acting in the distribution of Scottish estates without the help of a solicitor. We have been able to save clients time and have made the distribution process less stressful.

Through experiences like these, I’ve learned that a good broker must have a deep understanding about the insurance products of each provider. As you can imagine, this is a lot of information! We must know the details of the underwriting to only recommend the particular covers that meet our clients’ needs.

Outside work, I love both producing and playing music. In fact, if I could be stuck in a lift with one person, it would have to be Mike Dean. As one of the most talented music producers of all time, I’d love to ask him to spill his secrets.

Shamus Stylianou

Trainee Broker

Hi I’m Shamus, the newest addition to the LawSure family.

Since I joined in September 2020 I’ve been learning an extraordinary amount from this helpful and welcoming team. The atmosphere is positive and people-focused, and everyone loves to take on a challenge and help clients with the best solutions.

As a trainee, I’m currently doing my best impression of a sponge. My focus is on listening, learning and absorbing as much information as possible. Before my role here, I studied Psychology at Kingston University.

My approach to problem solving is to first check if there’s anything I’ve already experienced that can be used as a framework to find a solution. If not, then I tap into the expertise of the team who are always keen to help.

In my spare time I love going to the gym, running and spending time with my dogs. I am currently enjoying Manny Khoshbin’s autobiography, Driven. Manny is a property investor and businessman who I very much look up to.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the world of insurance from the very best in the industry!