Manorial Rights


Manorial Rights are rights which relate to freehold land which used to be held as ‘copyhold’.

What is meant by the term copyhold?

In the middle ages, the lordship of the manor owned huge tranches of land which overall was considered freehold land. Smaller landholdings within the manor were referred to as copyhold tenure, therefore the land was owned by the lord or lady of the manor and the individuals were just tenants.

Copyhold tenure was abolished in England and Wales by the Law of Real Property Act in 1922 that required copyhold tenure to be converted into freehold on the payment of compensation to the lord of the manor (enfranchisement).

The Lord of the Manor retained rights over the land which was converted to freehold. These were called Manorial Rights.

Manorial rights commonly include such things as sporting rights (such as shooting and fishing), the right to hold markets or fairs, grazing rights, chancel repair rights and mineral rights.

In what circumstances is cover required?

Where there are specific Manorial Rights noted within the title, the lordship of the manor has the ability to exercise his rights over the property. Whether it be mineral rights (which may cause significant issues if a development is planned), through to exercising the right to hunt and/or fish on your land.

This product is designed to help your property transaction proceed by providing an alternative to contacting potential beneficiaries for a release or variation of the rights.

Product features:

Risks Covered: Damages, compensation and costs awarded against you, legal fees and reduction in market value to the property.

Information needed:

  • Property address
  • Property value (development value if a development is occurring)
  • Use of the property or anticipated use
  • Office copy entries and filed plan
  • Details of the development (including planning reference is available)


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