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Early Distribution Insurance

What is Early Distribution Insurance?

Section 4 of Inheritance Act 1975 states that, subsequent to an executor gaining a Grant of Probate, there is a six-month window for any party to come forward and stake their claim under the Act. Early Distribution Insurance enables an Estate to be distributed within the six-month ‘waiting’ period with any claims arising being covered by the insurance (subject to its terms and conditions).

By taking out Early Distribution Insurance, an executor or beneficiary is, therefore able to safely distribute the estate of the deceased without being held to the time frames of the Inheritance Act, allowing for a more suitable financial situation for those who may have expenses such as the Funeral, Care Home expenses or other short term financial needs.

What does Early Distribution Insurance cover?

Under the Inheritance Act 1975, the court is given a number of exercising powers to enforce a fairer redistribution of the estate in question where it sees fit.  The insurance will respond to any such redistribution protecting the executor/administrator and beneficiaries who have already benefitted from the early distribution against possible claims.

Early Distribution Insurance covers the losses, legal costs or other costs agreed by the insurer, should there be a successful claim under the Inheritance Act 1975, resulting in the court ordering a redistribution of the estate in question, to the claimant.

What is the cost of Early Distribution Insurance?

The cost of an Early Distribution Insurance policy can vary, but the cost will largely be dependent on the size of the estate to be distributed, details of any disputes and whether or not there is a known, or highly likely, appeal to be brought to court under the Inheritance Act 1975 after distribution of the Estate.


Information needed:

  • Copy of the will (if applicable)
  • Copy of the grant of probate
  • Size of the Estate to be distributed
  • Details of any disputes
  • Confirmation that there are no known parties that may be able to bring a claim. If there
    are, please supply details of these parties.


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