Wills & Probate Insurance

Executor and Beneficiary Insurance

What is the difference between an Executor and an Administrator?

In England and Wales, where a will exists, the person responsible for administering the deceased’s Estate applies for probate (the authority of the court to handle the estate) to be granted.  Once this is granted they become the executor of the Estate

When do you need Executor/Administrator Insurance?

The role of administering a will is an onerous one with many complexities.  The advantage of a comprehensive executor/administrator insurance Where an executor wishes to protect themselves and the beneficiaries against claims that may materialise against the estate after distribution has taken place.

What is covered by Executor/Administrator Insurance?

Risks covered: payment of any amount that the executor and/or beneficiaries may be called upon to pay together with costs and expenses. A full cover summary can be provided upon

What is not covered by an Executor/Administrator Insurance?

There are a number of specific policy exclusions that apply.  However, the most important issue is that matters that were known about (or even hinted at ) before the distribution of the Estate will not be covered.  This is because the distribution can be adjusted to reflect the potential claims.  If there are matters that are known about or suspected, these should be disclosed.

What about Unknown Beneficiaries?

If it is believed that there may be beneficiaries that have not been traced (or may be unknown) a genealogy report may be needed.  We have relationships with genealogists if you need help.  In the event that you instruct your own genealogists please ensure that authority is given to share the findings with insurers so that we can arrange the appropriate Executor insurance.

What is the Cost of Executor Insurance?

Prices vary considerably depending upon the circumstances of individual cases.  However, it should be noted that the cost of insurance is usually an allowable expense against the gross value of the Estate bringing down the real cost of Executor insurance in many cases.


Information needed:

  • Copy of the will (if applicable)
  • Copy of the grant of probate
  • Completed proposal form


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