Unoccupied Property

When a property is going through probate, responsibility to ensure that appropriate property insurance remains in place lies with the executors. Properties that are going through probate are often left unoccupied for an extensive period rendering standard home insurance invalid.  In those cases a specialist probate or empty property insurance will need to be arranged.

In what Circumstances is Cover Required

Cover is typically needed where a property forms a part of a deceased’s Estate and the standard ‘home’ insurance is inappropriate.

Product Features

The unoccupied property is typically insured against a range of fire and other perils and theft.  Cover is typically arranged on a flexible basis either for a three-month period at a time or for an initial period of twelve months with a refund in the event that the property is sold sooner.

Information Needed
  • Name of the Executor/Administrator
  • Details of the property – Residential/commercial, construction etc.
  • Value of the Property