Residential Conveyancing Survey Results Unveiled – May 2020

During a recent online poll, nearly 200 conveyancing practitioners gave us their view on when the conveyancing market is likely to get back to pre Covid levels, when they might be returning to the office and their views on online vs face to face CPD.

The results are below.

41% of the respondents don’t know when they’ll be back in the office, although perhaps a surprising 21% have never left! The high level of respondents who don’t know may, of course, be as a result of furloughing.

95% of conveyancers polled believe it will be at least 3 months before the conveyancing market recovers with 66% thinking it will take over 6 months.

Online courses are currently popular, but the indications are that this might not change in the near future, with a large number uncertain as to when they might attend a face to face conference, even if it was allowed and was safe to do so.