Building Regulations Indemnity Insurance


Most major building alterations or changes in use of a property require confirmation that building regulations have been complied with. In some circumstances, the relevant permission and/or sign-off were not obtained or the relevant documentation has been lost or mislaid.. The relevant permissions and certification will usually be required by a purchaser. In most cases a build regulations indemnity insurance can be provided avoiding the need to apply for retrospective permissions and documentation.


In what circumstances is cover required?

Where there is a lack of the relevant evidence that building regulations or there is a lack of the required certification in respect of:

  • Extensions/additions/alterations carried out to the property
  • Conversions and/or alterations undertaken
  • New/replacement doors/windows having been installed (see also Fensa Indemnity)
  • Installation of a new or replacement boiler
  • Electrical alterations
  • Electrical alterations


See also Lack of Boiler/Electrical Installation Certificate; Lack of Planning Permission

Product features:

Risks covered: loss of market value, damages and expenses arising in complying with any enforcement notice/proceedings served by the appropriate authority.

Information needed:

  • Property address
  • Property value
  • Use of the Property
  • Details of the works carried out and their date of completion


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