Contingent Buildings Insurance


Contingent Buildings Insurance deals with the circumstances where a leasehold title does not set out clearly the landlord’s responsibility for maintaining insurance on the fabric of the property and place an obligation to reinstate in the event of an insurance claim. Sometimes these clauses are absent or badly drafted leading to a risk that the lessee loses their property where the insurance was not maintained, does not respond or any monies are not properly applied to reinstate. It is possible for the lessee to take out insurance that protects them in those circumstances.

In what circumstances is the product needed?

Losses arising where insurance provisions &/or reinstatement provisions are inadequate for the protection of the Property including situations where:

  • Other parties are responsible for insuring all or parts of the premises,
  • The insurance may be vitiated by other parties, or
  • There is no obligation on the part of the landlord to reinstate the Property or to disburse insurance monies.

Product features:

Risks Covered: losses arising from inability to fully reinstate the property &/or premises. Properties that are vacant for 30 days or more may require unoccupied property insurance.

Information needed:

  • Property address
  • Property value (or developed value in the event that development is to take place)
  • Use of the Property – both current and intended (if a change of use or development is intended)
  • Office Copy entries and filed plan
  • Details of construction and use of the remainder of the building

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